Saturday, 9 May 2009

Loss and bereavement

It's the last full day on my counselling course and the theme today is loss and bereavement. It could obviously be emotional but I am also expecting it to be insightful about losses and endings which happen throughout life.

For example; we lost the safety of the womb when we were born, lost the our baby years when siblings were born, lost the companionship of colleagues when we changed jobs, lost our loved ones when they passed over.

So why am I posting before the course? Well mostly because I have become aware that I have never dealt well with endings and still don't, I prefer to leave in a hurry because this is easier than facing the emotions. However, interestingly, I know I am good at helping others through their endings and find myself helping others through the miscarriage association and at church. So I ponder now - why is that?

I will be back later withthoughts from the day and possibly some idea on the answer....

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