Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How do I want to be remembered?

This afternoon we did an REinspired session on Death, Funerals and the Christian Response for the year 6 children at a local primary school.  I love this session, it's so gentle and deep and important; it's something every adult could do with experiencing, there's a lot to learn from these resources, thoughts and discussions. Two things struck me at the session today and the first I'll share with you now.

I was really surprised today to see how many of the young people were less worried about being remembered for themselves as a person than what they want to achieve.  We had loads of boys wanting to be rememebered as sportsmen; tonnes of girls wanting to be known as artists, dancers and musicians; but only a handful of them wanted to be remembered as kind or caring or loving or funny or clever or friendly. 

I'm left wondering why that might be. 
Is it because as a society we're all about achievements?
Or because we don't really value our personality traits?
Or is it that the kids aren't sure yet of who they are inside?
Or perhaps that they know what they can control and practice about skills but not so sure how they do the same with their characters.
It's very interesting.

As for myself......
I would like to be remembered as being a loving and caring person.  Not anything famous or spectacular or particularly special, just someone who gave to and cared for others.

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