Friday 27 January 2012

Inspired, challenged and made me smile

It's Friday which means it's time for the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five; this week we've been asked to share what's inspired, challenged, made us smile, made us cross and kept us going this week.  Here's mine.

1. Inspired you
The Holy Spirit has inspired me, which might not be a massive surprise to hear me say but has been fabulous.  This week I had my wednesday communion service written, that was until prayer that morning threw it all into the air.  I realised that it needed to be changed and really close to the wire it all came together.  It was received well and I'm sure better than my original version.  I was inspired.

2. Challenged you
My back has challenged me; having a slipped disk is no small matter and it's forced me to rest much more than I'd like to.  But then that's also allowed me to think more and my blogging has certainly benefited from it, in quantity anyway.

3. Made you smile
A book about Jesus as a comedian in the writing of his parables made me smile this week, the writing of the post about it made me giggle and the resulting twitter debate made me laugh out loud.

4. Made you weep
I watched War Horse this week and it made me weep, properly weep; about the horror and pointlessness of war and the loss of human life.  The film is clearly meant to tap into your emotions and feel this; but I have been left all week with this desperate desire to put a stop to all war and conflict.

5. Kept you going?
I have been kept going and feeling positive this week by all the Holocaust Memorial Day activities and responses; the world wants change and it's a fabulous thing to see.  Speak up and Speak Out.


Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

I, too, have seen "Warhorse". There was as you have said, the horror of war, and the way so many relationships were affected. The other part which had been in "big tears" was the way friendship was portrayed by using the horses.

The book about humor really sounds great...I'm off to Amazon next!

river song said...

lovely play, and how interesting the Holocaust Memorial activities have helped you keep going. peace!

Sharon said...

Ah, the fun and challenge when the Holy Spirit stirs the pot. I enjoyed reading about your week.

Jan said...

I am sorry about your back and hope the pain subsides.
My husband and I went to see a movie tonight--"Haywire" which was not worth going to see (at least for adults). I wish we'd gone to see "Warhorse." Maybe next time.

LLM Calling said...

Thanks for the love, it's great being part of the RevGalBlogPals group