Monday, 30 January 2012

Native American Christian Art

I have been spending some time today on pinterest and collating some more christian art into my christian art board.  Amongst the many wonderful pieces of art I've discovered those by Native American and Canadian Christians including this one.
 This is a painting depicting Native American Christian worship and I absolutely adore it.  The way the woman is concentrating whilst reaching out; I'm not sure whether she's giving in praise of receiving, but that ambiguity helps draw me in.  The dove is flying whilst also watching, the peace all around.  And then to see the sun, of great importance with the cross within; this is just beautiful.  I love this piece of art and will be using it for some prayer in the future.

I then found this amazing piece which speaks to me so much about the creator God who was there at the beginning and promises always to care for us.
I can't write everything which this says to me, but it takes me right back to creation, through time and life from swamps to land.  The cross in the centre speaks to me of a heart which seems perfect and the rainbow halo is just perfection of hope and love and triumph over death.

There are so many more pieces of art like this, these are just two; this is why I love pinterest and the ability to seek out new things and then retain them for the future.  There are lots more of these sorts of images at my pinterest christian art boards.

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