Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tripped over Taize service

I was in London with a friend today seeing We Will Rock You; fabulous, I'm sure I'll blog about it soon. Afterwards we wondered through Chinatown, looking at the decorations for Chinese New Year and on towards Leicester Square.

I've walked this way dozens of times over the years but never before noticed a church; the Notre Dame de France French Church
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There it is, on Leicester Place, just off the north side of Leicester Square. Hidden in clear view; until today when it seemed so obvious.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to go and see inside; it is a beautiful round catholic church with a wonderful picture of Mary on the front wall.
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I sat down for a little pray, what tranquility after the craziness of the west end of London.

After a few minutes I heard a cello and a flute warming up; and before I knew it a Taize prayer service had started. I'd tripped over a Taize service.

What a surprise.
What pleasure.
What calm.

Thank you God for taking me that way, showing me this church and giving such a wonderful opportunity to meet with you.

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