Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stop for the One Tuesday #2

I can't believe it's a whole week since my last reflection on stopping to spend time with Mike.  It has been a week even more crazy than normal with one thing and another, but yesterday I was in for the evening and we watched a crazy film called The Adjustment Bureau.  It was weird and almost clever, but not quite.  We enjoyed watching it and picking out all the crazy stuff and guessing the plot as it emerged.  It was like the days gone by when we used to watch films all the time, it was lovely. 

Turns out that stopping for the one, is pretty much the same as stopping for yourself.  Come and join the crew and stop that hectic life just once a week.

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Alene said...

Love moments like that. And yes, when we stop for others it's crazy how God refreshes us in the process. Thanks for sharing and linking up!