Saturday, 28 January 2012

Let's accept Gay Marriage

For months I've been holding my tongue, for weeks I've been ready to explode; now I share my thoughts around the very simple belief that

It's time that as Christians and as a church we accept and welcome gay marriage.

I said it, what a relief.

The push over the edge this week has been the craziness which is Rev Jeffrey John not being allowed to become a bishop.  AND. Statements from the Archbishop of York.

Where do I start?
1. Jeffrey John

despite being celibate and in one of the most stable relationships you can hope to see he has repeatedly been denied a post as bishop.  What more can one man do?  What more can his partner be expected to do?  They should be held up as a prime example of marriage, love, acceptance and strength in a couple.

2. Archbishop of York
In this article John Sentamu says "I don't want to redefine very clear social structures that have been in place a long time" as an argument for blocking gay marriage.

Is he serious?
There have been many well defined social structures that the church has helped change; abolition of slavery, equality for women, children's rights to name a few.  The church SHOULD step in and enact change as appropriate.  Please don't use that as an excuse.

Let's accept gay weddings in church
I can see no reason why the Church of England can't be forced by law to accept Gay marriage and undertake gay weddings.

I accept that specific clergy should not be forced to undertake ceremonies they don't feel comfortable with, but that would be best for the couples anyway.

But if there are Christian gay couples who are in committed life long relationships then let's celebrate their love and the love God has for them and marry them in church.

Or in the words of Desmond Tutu, as used in a different context by Archbishop of York John Sentamu "heaven is going to be a rainbow people of God in all it's diversity" ALL OF IT.  Black, white, straight, gay, man or woman.

God loves us.
God  wants us to love each other.
Love is not restricted by sexuality.
Let's celebrate the love of God in ALL relationships!
Let's accept gay weddings.


Anonymous said...

Emma, you're a truly remarkable lady. As you know, I don't share your religious beliefs but I am gay. I've been 'married' for 5.5 years as one half of a civil partnership. I have many friends who'd dearly love to make a lifetime commitment to their long-term partners in their place of worship but who, at present, feel that their faith is entirely in conflict with their sexual orientation.

If the church wants to remain relevant in this modern and diverse society, it must be dynamic and bold. You're a real trailblazer, Emma - such an asset to the chuch and a beacon of light in these dark times x

Anonymous said...

Well said, Emma. We have a lovely gay couple in our church, and I know another faithful gay couple in another church I sometimes visit. They need the support of the church in their relationship just like everyone else.

Chris said...

Emma, thank you so much for that! Put simply: You are right!! :-)

I get very nervous when the Church is trying to opt out of equality legislation - as you say, we should be at the forefront, not being dragged kicking and screaming ...

Yewtree said...

Well said.

It does seem bizarre that many clergy in the CofE want to do same-sex marriages but aren't allowed.

I don't think the Anglican Communion had a very good record on slavery but Anglicans in South Africa did a very good job at resisting apartheid, so you can be proud of that.

Very best wishes!

LLM Calling said...

thanks for all your support, it's been a little scarey putting myself and my opinions out there in such a frank manner. God Bless