Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Sunday morning of two halves

What a morning this one was.

There was the joy at seeing everyone again, both the Zambia team and the church family. There was the fun of running a God Squad all about Zambia, showing photos and making pictures to send out. There was the love of catching up and hearing two of the team sharing the amazing experience.

But there was sorrow at being away from Zambia and all the people we now have as friends all those miles away. There were tears at the memories that were both hard and enduring. There was the trouble putting into words the reality of joy in hopelessness that I experienced. There was even the sadness of being separated as a team.

This is the reality of coming home from a mission trip like the one we went on. It's harder coming back than going out. It's coming back to our accepted reality when you've seen things that turn reality on its head.

But it's worth it; I promise.
Don't let me put you off doing a mission trip and experiencing the wider world. Just know that it will change you and how you see the world and all you used to know about it.

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