Monday, 16 July 2012

Wait! There's More! I've stuff to beg

Jesus, thank you for all you have done
In bringing me safely back home
But more than that, thank you again
For giving me all that I have learned

Ten days in Zambia have been
More than ever before I've seen
In terms of God and all He does
And faith and truth and prayer and love

But Wait! There's More! I've stuff to beg
Jesus be with all of those unfed
And those who have no mat or bed
Who have nothing but you with them

Jesus you have taught me so much
Thank you!
Now in you I truly trust

Photo: Me with children at New Hope feeding programme in Chifubu.

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Jenny Matlock


Anonymous said...

nicely done, incorporating the trip and such. I am surprised how many took the prompt to poetry. :) I hope the trip was truly life changing.

Judie said...

That photo speaks volumes. Great take on the prompt.

anitamombanita said...

This was wonderful! Bless you for all you do!

Susan Mystery said...

Wow that is so great that you were able to be there and help. Nice take on the theme.

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience!


Jenny said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful piece of writing.

We are all so blessed.

It's good to remember how much sometimes.

It's wonderful that good people like you still exist in the world.