Saturday, 28 July 2012

Daddy Daughter Time

This poem is written as part of the 100 word challenge for grown ups for the prompt
.....the line was drawn .....

"I won't go on the swing
If you don't give me the string"
And so the line was drawn
Daddy refused to give in

Of course a squabble ensued
And none of it made any sense
She cut off her nose in spite
And continued to pick a fight

Eventually I had to step in
Someone had to make some sense
"Give her the string, get on the swing
Stop shouting and making me tense"

It's like having two kids not one
They bicker before they have fun
But today I just rest, out in the sun
And eventually they calm and are done.


Anonymous said...

Very clever and good fun. A picture of family life :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, the meditations of fatherhood.
Descriptive and easy-reading. Well done!