Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Prayer is an instrument of action

I have learned so much about prayer during my trip to Zambia; so much which I never thought I needed or was missing.  If nothing else stays with me, this will and I thank God for His blessing on me with it. 

So what have I learned?
I have seen people pray completely and absolutely in the knowledge that the prayers will be answered.  Not asking in the hope, but demanding in the surity of answer.  It is not a petition, it is a call straight to God.

I have seen others ask for prayer knowing that it is a solution.  They are not asking as a last resort, because every other route has failed; they are asking at the start knowing that God will make a way be found.

I have felt the movement of prayer through my body and soul.  From the children who prayed in tongues over us; from the congregation who filled us with their prayers; from the pastors who send out the Holy Spirit from them into those in need.  I have felt it in my heart and in my body and it has strengthened me spiritually.

I have prayed without conscious thought and I have experienced the flowing of the Holy Spirit.  Never before have I taken my mind out of my prayers and allowed God to be within me and my prayers; as if He reads my mind and my heart and finds what He needs.  Never again will I feel inadequate when the words fail; instead I will relish the opportunity for God to provide the words needed.

For many years I have believed and trusted in prayer; but now I know how important and valuable it is as a part of my ministry and I will use it completely and fully.

Thank you God for finally bringing me this truth.

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