Thursday, 12 July 2012

Zambian Tennis Appreciation

I wrote this submission for the 100 word challenge for grown ups from Zambia. It was a challenge considering where I am, but I hope you like it. The prompt was:

..... Murray was just about to serve for the championship when .....

It was Sunday evening and we were out for dinner here in Ndola in Zambia. We were with newly made friends enjoying burgers and Fanta. For most of us Wimbledon couldn't be further from our minds, but for a few it was front and centre (court). Suddenly the message went down the table that Murray was just about to serve for the championship, when a glass got knocked over and all attention was lost. It was only today that I found out that sadly our hopes were dashed, but being in Zambia certainly puts it all into context. There's much more important things to worry about, poverty being one.

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