Sunday, 29 July 2012

Shame on the Olympic Sponsors

Have you seen all the empty seats at so many of the Olympic venues? Blocks of empty seats at the gymnastics, row after row at swimming, and endless empty at the table tennis.
It's everywhere.
It's disgusting.

So why has it happened?

Well it seems that the empty seats are those given to sponsors and other corporates associated with the Olympics.

So they were given free seats and what....
They didn't want then?
They had better things to do?
They had too many?
They weren't interested?

It's disgusting;
truly appalling.

What about all the people who were desperate to support the sports events and would have given their right arms to be able to go? What about the sports people who should be cheered on for their efforts?

Shame on you Visa
Shame on you Coca cola
Shame on you Acer
Shame on you Atos
Shame on you Dow
Shame on you GE
Shame on you McDonalds
Shame on you Omega
Shame on you Panasonic
Shame on you Samsung
Shame on you P&G

So little you care about the sport, about the Olympic spirit, or about the people who buy your products and make your profits.


The Mini Mes and Me said...

Agreed! We would love to have gone x

Anonymous said...

How do you know all those companies are all equally to blame?

Seems rather presumptuous of you.

MadPriest said...

I find the fact that 13% of all the seats (the best seats) are reserved for advertisers and dignitaries plain obscene. Far from making Britain look great, these games have made us look like a pathetic fiefdom of corporate America (which is, I guess, at least an honest portrayal).