Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Be on fire for the Lord

These are words that I remember hearing all the time in the 1990s "be on fire for the Lord" or even "set yourself on fire for the Lord". I haven't heard them for years but finding this photo in the hundreds from Zambia reminded me of the rousing call to evangelise. More than that it made me want to follow through.

In Zambia I felt on fire for the Lord.
I felt completely inspired by God.
I knew what I could do for Him.
I was full of His energy.

And now? Now I feel like I'm in shock.
I feel as if I can't do enough here. It's not that there's not a lot to do, but that it's not as tangible in its identification or outcome.

Today I've been praying for God to remind me of His specific calling on my life here, because the fire of work in Zambia is calling.

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Michelle Twin Mum said...

I find it is so easy to lose sight and get lost in the everydayness of life.

I pray God reveals to you fully how he wishes to use you and until then be content to wait upon the Lord, you are probably doing more good work than you ever imagine. Mich x