Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mission Trip to Jubilee Centre in Ndola - Day ten 13th July 2012

It's our last full day in Zambia. It's been a day of goodbyes. Wow it's hard to leave soul mates, sisters and brothers.

We started the day with the Lord's Supper led by Neil - lovely. But the tears were overwhelming, so many of them. In the prayers and especially at the end when we had a time of open sharing about what had inspired us and what we'd take with us. I cried when the Jubilee Centre team spoke, I sobbed when Helen spoke and I barely held it together when I spoke. So what will I take away from here? I'll blog separately on that.

We had some computer things we wanted to help the centre with including helping them set up document folders and templates for documents. We did that en masse for about an hour, one of us with each staff member; and then I reviewed their website and social networking and linked everything up to enable people to find their charity online. It is such a privilege to be able to leave those skills with the staff.

After Nshima lunch under the tree most of us went off to market to buy gifts and Chitengeys. We all found things which reminded us of our time and gifts for those at home; and we even had the pleasure of being laughed at as we wandered around the market "mosungu".

The evening was an honour and a pleasure and will stay with me always. Lawrence and Martha opened their home to all ten of us for dinner. A wonderful meal with an amazing family. And to top it all off Lawrence shared his testimony with us; inspiring doesn't even come close.

It's hard to leave this place, it's hard to face it ending; and so Becky, Nico and I stayed up far too late into the early hours of the morning chatting laughing and messing about. These two young people have their lives ahead of them and I know this trip will go with them and all they do. I can't wait to see it happen. I'm also hoping we have many more evenings of sharing and silliness in the future; it's the joy of Zambia inside us.

And so I sign off; goodbye Zambia; until I return.

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