Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pray with Expectation

Whilst in Zambia over the last week I have learned many things about myself, the most valuable of which is ....... We must pray with the expectation that our prayers with be fulfilled.

For years I have prayed hopefully; desperate to believe that they could make a difference and holding on to the trust of God by the fingertips.  But this week I have met people who are hanging onto life by their fingertips and who believe entirely and utterly that God can and will answer their prayers. 

I have met women who have nothing who KNOW that God will feed their children. 
I have met children who pray in tongues, completely trusting in the Holy Spirit to work through them.

They have changed me.
They have changed my prayers.

No longer will I hope and pray.
No longer will I worry that they might come to nothing.
Now I will pray in the full and certain knowledge that God can and does act in the world.


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