Monday, 16 July 2012

Wow it's hard to be home

Wow it's hard to be home....

It's the stuff and the things we have
The loneliness in the busyness of life
The food in it's abundance and waste
The choices where they're not needed

The community which just isn't as open
The security and worries which hem us in
The separation in families and friendships
The news which isn't even touching the real issues

I wish I could pack up all our stuff
I wish I could take Rachel out of school
I wish I could convince Mike to take a sabbatical
I wish we could go together and make a difference

But here is where I'm called
Here is where I'm meant to be
Here my life is changed for the better
Here I will stay and make a difference

I have brought Zambia home with me
Now my priorities will be altered
Now my life will be deeper
Now I will minister wider and clearer

Thank you Neil for leading us there
Thank you Jubilee Centre for opening to us
Thank you Zambia for teaching us your truth
Thank you God for giving your grace and love

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