Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outstanding Olympics

I take back any criticisms I have expressed ever about the London 2012 Olympics; we have had an amazing day at what are an absolutely astounding Olympics.

We went to the ExCel stadium this morning to watch the Weightlifting. We left home at 5am, drove into west London and caught the tube straight through to Stratford where we picked up the DLR to ExCel. As soon as we arrived at the station we were greeted and directed by the most cheerful volunteers I have ever seen, even in the rain. It's a long walk from the station to security, up and down and along, but everyone was excited and the volunteers were massively enthused. Security was efficient and straightforward and it was great to see our armed forces there and enjoying their role. We were at ExCel by 8.15am and there were no queues to be seen anywhere, the whole venue was slick and smooth.

The venue itself was hosting five events today but you'd never know they were facing over 30,000 people through the day; no stress, no panic, just calm and happy people. We were directed into the event area where there was a ticket check and loads more friendly volunteers.

At 9am, with a countdown, they opened the venue itself and we saw the stadium for the first time. We had bought £20 seats (£6 for Rachel) so knew we'd be at the back, but we had no idea how great a view we'd have. The venues are perfect, so impressive.

With an hour to wait there was music and Olympic news and weightlifting facts on the screens; never a chance to get bored and lots of busing excitement.

The competition started at 10am and we were lucky enough to see Gareth Evans from Wales representing Team GB. He broke PBs and Welsh Recode and it was amazing to support him in an event he clearly loved.

I knew the sport would be great, and it didn't disappoint, but the lovely surprise was the buzz and excitement and chilled happiness of everyone at the Olympics; volunteers, workers, security, spectators and everyone.

LOCOG you have pulled off something amazing, a truly outstanding Olympics, well done.

PS - the men's event over nearly 2 hours was more than enough for Rachel, in no way did we feel cheated.

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Sharon said...

Totally agree with you Emma. When we went to the Olympic Park we also commented on the superb volunteers. Very well organised. Because we were there late into the evening it was like leaving a Disney park, all the staff wishing us a safe journey home and waving.