Sunday, 15 July 2012

What I take home from Zambia

There are at least two things I am taking home from Zambia.

It's the pure faith, rooted in Christ, reliant on grace, leaning on God and trusting in prayer. It has so much to teach me about my own faith and how God works in the world.

Then there's the community mission spirit of all the Christians we met; they don't think twice about giving of themselves completely to help those in need. From Priska and the men and women from Bread of Life teaching in the schools;
to Mary and the women of New Hope feeding the kids with HIV;
to Jess and Heals visiting the sick, poor and house bound;
to Meluse working every day even if it means bringing her child along at the weekend;
to Joyce supporting women in her community through prayer and fellowship;
to Phoebe preaching whenever Pastor Chris is out of town;
to Chris looking after their children so that his wife can go out with us;
to Peter not pursuing dreams of a PhD but stating with his family and work in Zambia;
to Lawrence Jr working at the Jubilee Centre and aiming for change in Zambia instead of using his degree for business purposes;
to Martha giving of herself for the children and women who need her;
to Lawrence putting himself at risk with the government to enact change and bring justice and equality;
to everyone who feeds their children before themselves and ensures their health and survival
The list goes on and on and on.
They focus on the individuals; they pray into each situation; they keep going until lives are changed. What a lesson for my life, to take back and live out in my community.

I will also leave this place with friends for life. Friends from St Nicolas who were more like acquaintances before; and friends from the Jubilee Centre who are brothers and sisters to us and will never be lost.

I couldn't say goodbye to Meluse; it was too much; instead we just agreed "until next time" in the true and certain knowledge that it will happen.

Goodbye Zambia; thank you and God Bless.

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