Wednesday, 25 July 2012

God hits me with 62 kids

It's not been easy re-entering normal life and ministry after Zambia (it sounds more like I've been released from captivity than a mission trip).

I've felt very separate and alien from our society and extremely frustrated with the lives we all lead. The extremes of each country have been impossible to reconcile.

I've also felt conflicted as to where God wants me, surely I'd be more useful in Zambia. Luckily, and unsurprisingly, God is good and God knows what I need.

First off I have been able to take forward some projects for the Jubilee Centre whilst here in the UK; in fact they're only possible here.

Then on Monday I had 62 kids and their carers come along to the first Noah's Ark @St Nics holiday club. 62 kids; wow! How much more of a sign did God need to give me that I have a ministry and purpose in the UK.

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