Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A love story for a-listers

I must retain my dignity
Yet it's woven with a wild streak
Amid a face of innocence
And animal desires which
Require me to keep exploring

My desires are far too tangible 
In containing them I'm sweltering
Desperate to ask questions
Which flick a simple switch
And flicker my flame to life

So I clamp a door shut on them
And I'm assaulted by frustration
Don't look too close or my projector
Of a soul will crawl with scorpions
That are better served expired

Your reputation is merciless
Talked about on sidewalks
With dirty little secrets
Which no one has permission
To have enticed

I should avoid you, otherwise
My heart will be shot
Like an opossum in a tree
And if it is missed, then
I'll be forced to start giving in

Yes, I've prayed for guidance
And my morals are packed
But you bulldoze on through
And with nervous excitement
I allow you to exact your love


Linked up at real toads who provided one word for every line.


Fireblossom said...

My gosh, lookit you, Emma! A list word in each line, the entire list contained in the poem as a whole, and it tells a story into the bargain. Holy moley. How you do dat?

My favorite was:

"Don't look too close or my projector
Of a soul will crawl with scorpions
That are better served expired"

Emma Major said...

thanks, I never really know how my poems get written, they just have a life of their own and produce themselves. if they don't come together in.five minutes I tend trash them. so those lines you like - they're as much a surprise to you as me.

Anonymous said...

Ha! How creative; I can't believe you got in all the words. :) I think the first stanza is my favorite.

Margaret said...

I have set yor appointment up with the psychiatrist for 1:00 pm tomorrow. Crazy creative I think the good doctor will find you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is truly impressive. Love the story and all those words!

Susan said...

The third and the 6th are my favorites, for their imagery, and I enjoy the narrative as a whole as it shows competing desires in one human vessel.

Susie Clevenger said...

You used all the words! Wow...and in a great story to boot!

Robyn Greenhouse said...

wow - all the words?! Amazing how you did that!

Mystic_Mom said...

Total WOW! All the words and such a story poem to boot. Brava.

Helen said...

Fantastic! I echo Margaret's comment.

Karen said...

Okay...I give! This is fantastic!