Friday, 8 February 2013

Haiku alphabet

A is for Apple
Green, red, hard, soft or crunchy
A tasty treat

B is for bunny
Hopping around and sniffing
Out carrots to munch

C is for carrot
Grows underground to become
Orange and crunchy

D is for dinner
The biggest meal of the day
What is yours today?

E is elephant
Biggest mammal walking on land
With a bendy trunk

F is for family
Mum dad and children together
Loving each other

G is for giraffe
With a massive long neck
Eating tops of trees

H is for hippo
Wallowing in African mud
Or swimming slowly

I is for igloo
An ice house to keep you warm
Great for Eskimos

J is for joker
Always doing something funny
Telling jokes always

K is for king
In a palace or a castle
A crown on his head

L is for lion
King of the jungle animals
Has very loud roar

M is for mouse
Makes its nest in tiny places
Lover of cheese

N is for nose
On the front of your face
For smelling the world

O is for orange
A colour bright and cheerful
Or a tasty fruit

P is for parrot
Green, red, yellow, white and blue
Chatting in the trees

Q is for queen
Mum of the princesses
Rules the country

R is for rocket
Shooting for the stars and the moon
Taking explorers

S is for shark
Prowling the oceans for fish
With huge sharp teeth

T is for tree
Covered in leaves, berries and nuts
Playroom for squirrels

U is umbrella
All different colours, shapes and sizes
Useful in the rain

V is for violin
Plays beautiful music
In those right hands

W is for whale
Biggest mammal on the planet
Eating tiny fish

X is xylophone
Great big musical instrument
Notes made with beater

Y is for yacht
Sailing the seven seas
Powered by wind

Z is for zebra
Like a black and white horse
On African plains


Written for Rachel's amusement and as a challenge for myself.  Linked up at haiku Friday.


Carol L McKenna said...

Great set of haiku using the alphabet ~

Carol of (A Creative Harbor)

LceeL said...

Amazing. I love this. Thank you for being a part of Haiku Friday.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Now that's quite a challenge to meet! Good one!