Thursday, 16 February 2012

#BigRead12 - I'm taking part, are you?

As you might have noticed if you've been reading my blog over the last few days, Lent is on the way, less than a week to go now.  I have planned what I'm doing with the kids for lent and Rachel has planned her giving up and taking up for lent but until now I haven't shared my plans for lent.

I am taking part in the Big Bible Project's #BigRead12.

To quote from the website:
The Big Read 2012 will be focusing upon the gospel of Mark, written by Tom Wright.  Lent in 2012 starts Wednesday 22 February, running through until Easter (46 days) on Saturday 7 April. Tom Wright’s book takes us, with readings, through until 14 April.
The #BigRead12 website provides introductory materials, weekly housegroup resources and audio-visual provisions; all available freely to anyone who wants to join in.

I will be blogging my journey throughout lent, both here and as a #digidisciple at the Big Bible Project.  I hope that you will join the many hundreds of us reading and reflecting together throughout the UK and further afield, and will provide your own thoughts and reflections as comments on the blog.

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