Thursday, 16 February 2012

What does your bible look like?

I have been browsing pinterest tonight and found some wonderful photos of old bibles.  It got me thinking about which of my bibles is my favourite one for every day use.  I have two shelves of Bibles and use them for sermon prep and sunday school prep and meditations etc.  But my main day to day bible (apart from the one on my phone of course) is an NIV I have had since a teenager which is well thumbed, marked up and loved.  I hadn't used it for years until last summer when I pulled it off the shelf and it's become my Bible of choice again.

So what does your Bible look like? 
And do you know why you mainly read that one?

Is it dusty and in need of a read?

Or battered and bruised?

Is it marked up?

Or in pristine condition?

Is it as old as the hills?

Or is it newly bought?

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