Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Years of My Life

Rachel's at school, Mike's at work and I get to visit a friend and her brand new baby in hospital.

Rachel and I are at tiny talk in the morning, Mike's at work and we have a curry together in the evening, as every Friday night.

I'm pregnant with Kendi and now running my own company, Mike's at work in Woking and we're waiting and hoping and praying.

Our first year of marriage; I'm a project manager in Basingstoke, Mike's a developer in Reading and life is a lot of fun.
We are both at UMIST preparing for our finals; or at least I'm preparing for finals and Mike's still trying to get his project sorted.  We are living in a flat with 8 other fantastic people, the best of friends.

I'm studying my A-levels, in my first year and not working too hard to be honest.  I'm having a lot of fun, possibly too much; and spreading my wings as far from home as possible.  Favourite stomping ground - Camden Market.
I'm a teenager, at secondary school and trying to figure out how to cope with the ever evolving and changing friendships and alliances.  Not the best of times.
A mere nine year old, about to head off to Hong Kong for a month to stay with my godmother; little did I know what an amazing time that would be.
Five years old, I have just started school and am in Mrs Stokers' class.  I love the sand and water tables.

A little 1 year old, pretty cute from the photos I've still got.

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