Monday, 20 February 2012

Pinterest: materialistic or spiritual

Christian Art Board
I was listening to a discussion on the radio today about how Pinterest is becoming so popular because it taps into our materialistic culture and our unending desire to own more stuff.  I was astounded by this statement, it is diametrically opposed to my experience of pinterest and that of the many people I follow on Pinterest.

I use Pinterest to gather ideas from all over the internet for:
- blog posts and series
- prayer and meditation sessions
- God Squad sessions
- crafts for Noah's Ark and People, Prayers and Potatoes Messy Church
- general kids work
- upcycling projects for around the house
- remembering books I and Rachel have read
- any random future use I might have a need for - my virtual dumping pile

I am not interested in pinning things I want to buy or anything I aspire to; nothing could be further from the truth.  It's about helping me make the best use of what I have and learn from others.  It's about sharing ideas onwards to those who follow me.  It's a sharing of childrens' ministry which was so hard to do before it was invented.

In conclusion; some people may use pinterest for materialistic aspirational purposes, but most of those who have large following are all about beauty, life, love and sharing of themselves.

 I have to put a major caveat on the title of this blog post; I'm not sure that being materialistic means you can't be spiritual or visa versa, but the dictionary provides them as opposites and it makes for a good title.


Woodland Watcher said...

Thank you for this - I'm just starting out on Pinterest and really trying to understand what it's for other than using it as one big wishlist. Thinking of it as an inspiration collection, whether spiritual, design, things to read or make, fits better in my mind.

Emma Major said...

Glad I could help but be warned, you will quickly become addicted :)

PippaD said...

Totally! I sound so teenager like, but you are so right Emma. I use Pinterest as an extension of my brain I guess, I keep ideas there for blog posts, for days out, for religious Study and a lot more! Glad you are getting out of it what you want to get out of it!

Anonymous said...

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