Sunday, 19 February 2012

Can you see the light?

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This photo has been doing the rounds on Facebook and driving people NUTS. It comes with a very simple question ..... can you see the baby?

Well can you? There are actually a couple of babies and some ladybirds and that's all the clues you'll get from me.

As I was re-reading the bible readings for today's service I remembered this picture and the task of searching for something hidden. Today is Transfiguration Sunday, not one you'll have heard about if you're not a church goer I'm sure (here are the readings on transfiguration).

We think about Jesus' blinding light; a light for the world, a light that the disciples didn't understand, a light which can be hard to see these days.

Have you seen it?
Are you looking for it?
Is it hidden from view for you?

I promise you that Jesus' blinding light, truth and love is visible; much as the babies are in the picture, and I pray that today you may see it.

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