Friday, 17 February 2012

How to make "I love you this much" hands

On Sunday People, Prayers and Potatoes is on the theme of Love.  I scoured the internet and pinterest and found loads of love ideas which I will be using.  One however I have trialled today and have changed from the various versions I've seen.  Here's how it will work for us.

1. Draw round your hands

2. Cut out the hands

3. Make a consatina of paper

4. Write "I love you this much" on the segments of the consatina

5. Sellotape the hands to either side of the consatina and check that it stands up - like a card

6.  Decorate and admire. 

I'm impressed with the simple way this complicated looking craft can be made; and to prove that it's kid proof, here's the one Rachel made.

There are so many uses for this including:
God loves me/you this much
I love my mum/dad this much
Our family loves each other this much
Church has this much love

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