Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Children CAN Cope with Easter

I'm always surprised how many adults worry about mentioning the D and C words (death and crucifixion) to kids at Easter.  I've even been told that we should skirt over the death and get straight to the resurrection.  

Why is this? 
What's the concern?

I know death is hard, but it's no harder for kids than for adults.  In fact in many ways I think they cope with it better because they're not afraid of expressing themselves or feeling their emotions.

I know crucifixion is brutal and terrifying, but it is not something our children have to fear and as long as we are open about this then they can cope.

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Crucifixion by James Dickson Innes

Easter is sad and emotional, brutal and terrifying; that's the point.  Jesus chose to die for us; we should feel humbled and thankful.

Oh and let's not forget, Jesus rose from the dead.  Death held no bounds for him; and thanks to his gift it not the end for us.  What greater gift can we give out kids this Easter than this truth.

Children can cope with all aspects of Easter; the good, the bad and the joyful, we just need to support them through it.

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