Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Rachel teaches me about love

Here's a conversation Rachel and I had earlier

R: I didn't send a valentines card because I don't need to because A knows I love him.
Me: it would be nice because people send cards for valentines day and I give one to Dad and he gives one to me.
R: that's because you like cards and Dad would be in trouble if he didn't.
Me: yes but it's still nice
R: I don't think A likes cards that much. And we are only kids and you are adults so it's not the same and anyway he hasn't given me one this year.
Me: is that ok?
R: yes, I know he loves me most of the time when I don't annoy him
Me: is it ok ok that I gave you a card?
R: yes coz you love me but I know that anyway so you didn't need to. Love you mum.

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