Friday, 17 February 2012

Someone kill me now

Keith Haring "Exploding Head"

I have spent all morning trying to prepare 11 crafts and the introductory talk for Sunday's People, Prayer and Potatoes Messy Church service whilst also listening to Rachel's million questions an hour.

I know she doesn't have a sibling and so I'm her playdate, but seriously; even I can't multi task this well. I tried to get her involved but that took more effort and extended the whole thing by an extra hour. I am ready to blow, like a volcano. Not at her you understand, but at the constant barrage of questions which stop my head from working.

There's a lesson here: never leave prep until the school holidays. But that would require that we weren't ill in my scheduled prep time.

I'm going to see a friend now, I need someone for Rachel to play with (and she loves her boys) and someone who has a conversation not just fires questions and information. I feel like such a bad mum for saying this; but get at least I'll burst the bubble that I'm anywhere near perfect.

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Karen said...

Ah bless you both :-) If it's any consolation, having more than one isn't any easier - instead of answering 1001 questions, you just referee arguments instead!