Thursday, 16 February 2012

Protect our kids online: safety net campaign

"Every day children and young people are accessing pornography on the internet. Evidence clearly shows pornography has a detrimental impact on children and young people including premature sexualisation, negative body image and unhealthy notions about relationships. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Despite parental concerns and the use of computer filters in the home, the rapid rate at which communications technology is developing, including convergence of the internet on televisions/ games consoles and mobile phone technology, makes it increasingly difficult for parents/ carers to supervise their children's use effectively. Massive profit-driven competition is harming the vulnerable.

To better protect children and young people we are calling on Internet service providers to block pornography by introducing filters at Internet service provider level. This will still give adults the choice to access pornography whilst giving children the freedom to surf the internet safely." Facts from Safety Net Campaign

Premier has today launched the Safety Net Campaign to protect our kids online.  I am sure you'll agree how important this campaign is and want to join in.

I worry all the time about what Rachel might find whilst searching for something innocent online.  Now that she can pick up my phone and use google, the risks keep increasing and I want to protect her.

Here's what we can do:
Sign the petition to force Internet Service Providers to make accessing pornography an adult only opt-in
Write or email or even meet with your MP to ask for their support
Spread the word about the campaign

Please join in and help protect our kids online.

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