Thursday, 16 February 2012

Let there be light

As we were having breakfast this morning we looked out the window and saw this

I've lived next to this lamp post for 11 years and never seen anyone maintain it before; I was surprised and impressed. Rachel was positively overjoyed to see the light in pieces - child of engineers.

We rely on this light; it provides a comforting glow to the street all through the nights, especially welcome in the winter months; it lights our garden nicely which helps us feel secure; and it lights the alley behind our house which means it stays safe. It is nice to know that it gets checked occasionally.

So I wonder, do we maintain our own lights; the lights of love in our hearts?
Do we check our power source and recharge it regularly? prayer
Do we clean our bulbs to ensure they're bright? confession
Do we turn towards the darkness and shine where needed? calling

God said "let there be light" and there was light. Our job is to keep ourselves as beacons of that light in the world.

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