Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pray for and give to Afghanistan Children

Save the Children released a press statement yesterday raising the plight of the children in Camps outside Kabul who are dieing in the extremely cold winter they are experiencing.

To quote:
Following reports that at least 28 children living in camps near Kabul have already died because of freezing temperatures, Save the Children is warning that even more could die from cold in what is Afghanistan's worst winter for 15 years.

We need to pray for the children and their families that they find warmth and protection.
We need to pray for the aid workers, that they can reach those in need.
We need to pray for the government in Afghanistan, that they will provide help to their people and allow aid to safely arrive.
We need to pray for our Governments to give assistance.
We need to pray for donations.

Money is needed, help takes money.
We need to give what we can.
We need to spread the word of the need for money.
We need to ask our governments to give financial assistance.

Please spread the word, they need our help.

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