Saturday, 18 February 2012

I pray for you

Faithful Blogging Prompt #31 asks "How do you pray for the people who read your blog?". This is an easy one but it occurred to me that as readers of my blog you might not know that I pray for you or how I pray for you.

Every evening I look at my statistics to see where in the world people are reading my blog from; I can see which countries you come from and also how many of you are reading from each country. I like these statistics, it helps me feel in touch with you and allows me to think about you in a more real sense. I pray for your country, for any issue I know are happening in your region as well as for you and your happiness and health.

For example, here are today's stats on readership over the last 24 hours
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Consider yourself prayed for.

I read every comment that comes onto my blog or on my twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest streams; I value these interactions and thank you for them. It is lovely to know your names and allows me to pray specifically for you by name.

I pray for my blog itself, that it is useful in God's work in the world and that I am guided to write what is needed. I also pray for ideas and for opportunities to further minister online.

I hope this post helps you know that I care for each of you; if you'd ever like me to pray for something specific then please just ask.


Allison said...

This is awesome. :)

Emma Major said...

Thanks Alison

Tishia said...

What a great idea to look at your stats and pray for everyone that visits your blog.

Faithful Bloggers Network Staff