Saturday, 25 February 2012

Psalm 32

Psalm 32 from ESV thanks to
This is the psalm we hear on Ash Wednesday and through lent.  A psalm about repentance and forgiveness.  I've written it my way.

We are blessed
God forgives us
Our sins are gone
We are blessed
God accepts us
Our spirit is clean

Before I confessed
I was heavy with guilt
I groaned in despair all day
God knew my sin
I knew my sin
It took my strength away

I gave my sin away
I was honest in my faults
God forgave me it all
God sees us all
God hears us all
Pray and God will forgive

God protects us
God knows us
God sings the songs of our lives
God guides and teaches
God shows us the way
God keeps us safe

Hear what God teaches
Learn from your mistakes
God will forgive
God loves us all
No matter how far we fall
God will forgive

God loves us all

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