Thursday, 23 February 2012

Leap Day Fun

Next Wednesday is a particularly special day; it's a leap day, the 29th February 2012. Only once every four years do we get an extra day and I always feel like it's a gift that we should do something amazing with.

Sadly my diary is looking like any other Wednesday, which is great but not particularly special. Mind you, I do have one extra great appointment - to visit a friend and her new born baby who's being delivered on the 28th February. That'll be wonderful. But apart from that it's an ordinary day.

I've been wracking my brain as to what to do; I want to mark it here but how?
Luckily others have got their act together and the Feb 29th project has been born. The idea is that as many people as possible write a blog post on the site about their day; it can be anything at all. is a global blogging project that will cross all age groups and continents. As soon as Feb 29th 2012 begins in Tonga, the will open up for posts for one day only. This blog will capture posts from all over our planet on this rare day until midnight in the Western Pacific. The result will not only be a celebration of technology, but a celebration of audience and purpose, who will be the youngest author? Who will be the oldest? Which country will top the most posts? Will there be any marriage proposals?

The aim is to allow any visitor on 29th Feb to post; these will be moderated on the day, as this will also be open to pupils in educational establishments across the globe. Together, we will prove that blogging is safe and there really is POWER in the audience!

I'm joining in, it'll be a wonderful record of one day in time. How about you?

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Greenpatches said...

Thanks for alerting us to this. Sounds a great project - a bit like the One day in a life project that ran a few years back, only that was just for the UK. Great fun. I'll be giving it a go.