Friday, 24 February 2012

My ministry thread

At supervision yesterday we were talking about the thread of truth that is all the way through our ministry.

The pure truth of God that are the words through our personal stick of rock.

The message that comes out of every sermon, every act of care and every prayer.

This is different for each of us; it is our personal truth. It is influenced by our lives and our relationship with God and those who we are mentored by in our faith.

I knew exactly what Neil was talking about, I've known from the second I acknowledged my calling. My thread of truth, my words are:

"God loves us all just as we are"

I have to be careful not to always major on this message in my ministry. But I also know it to be a truth which can never be heard enough. Unconditional acceptance, who doesn't long for that?

So what's your truth?
Your thread?
Your truth through everything?
Your message?
 I'd love to know.

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