Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day explained for kids

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Did anyone celebrate Valentines Day this week?
Did you send a card?
Did you get a card?
Did you tell someone that you loved them?
Well today we’re going to think about Love, about St Valentine and about God.
There isn’t much information about St Valentine.  All I’ve been able to find out is that he lived 1,700 years ago in Italy and was probably a Bishop.  He might also have been a doctor and healed sick children. 
But none of that is really very much to do with love and valentines cards is it?
St Valentines special day in the church is at the beginning of our Spring.  What happens in spring?  Flowers push through the ground, animals come out of hibernation and birds built nests and fall in love all over again. 
It seems like this is probably where the idea of valentines comes from.
Birds fall in love.  We fall in love. 
It is good to show love and a card is great for that.
It also gives us a great time to think about God’s love for us.
We know that God loves us and the whole world he created.
He loves us when we don’t know Him; He loves us when we love him back.
He loves us when we follow Him; He loves us when we make mistakes.
He showed how much He loves us by bringing Jesus to earth as a man.
Jesus showed his love on the cross; he died on a sideways kiss.
I think God loves Valentines Day.
I’m sure he’d send us cards if he could, but there’s no post box near Him.
He must love watching us all showing our love to other people.
God wants us to love each other.
God wants us to love Him.
God loves us.


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RedTedArt said...

What a lovely card!

I love your explanation. How wonderful and will read it to the children today!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!