Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Key themes of the Bible

These themes are the five provided by The Bible's Big Story we received teaching about the the LLM Forum last weekend.  I wasn't sure if I'd blog about them, but following my posts on preaching curses and explaining my faith to atheists I thought it might be interesting to some readers.

1. Maker and owner
God had always existed, He is without beginning or end.  God always acts with love and it was this love which brought Him to make the world.  God made the very beginning start and saw over every step of evolution.  He loves the world and it all belongs to Him.  We create and own nothing that does not use God's resources; even our bodies are made by God given us on loan.  We are given all we are to serve others and glorify God.

2. Because I - Therefore you
God tells us who He is in the Bible, He tells us what He does for us and what He wants of us.  Because God does so much for us, so we should expect to do for Him.  God wants us to serve Him and to serve our communities with the love He gives us.

3. The Divine Plan
God created everything, it was His divine plan.  But man sinned and so God brought a great flood.  Even after this man still sinned, so God came to Earth as Jesus.  Jesus lived the life we are meant to live and died to save us.  God gives us the gift that we are forgiven.  Jesus remains on earth as the Holy Spirit calling and helping us to serve God and everyone we meet.  Now we are a forgiven people death is not the end, it is a door to eternal life.  This is the restoration of God's original divine plan.

4. Jesus, the final word of God
Jesus speaks the truth of the Old Testament through his words.  He interprets the old scriptures and presents it in a way that could be understood.  Jesus tells us how to live, how to worship, how to serve.  He is the final word of God.   All that was before has been replaced by Jesus' words and actions.

5. Jesus, master and model
Being a Christian is not a part of our lives, it is the very reason for our lives, even if we don't realise it.  We must involve ourselves in politics and care of the people and planet and change for good.  We are called to serve and follow God's word through Jesus.

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