Monday, 2 July 2012

"I blamed it on the dog" A poem by Cat

"It wasn't me that pinched the food
Why accuse me of that?
I hardly beg
And rarely steal
I'm the oh so innocent cat"

That's what I told my owner
And she believed it all
They are so silly
So naive
I can tell them and they'll believe it all

"I think I saw the dog around
Have you checked it wasn't him
He likes to eat
All your scraps
You can see it round his chin"

They bought it hook, line, sinker
I blamed it on the dog
He took the fall
A night in the cold
And sleet and snow and fog.


This was written as part of the 100 word challenge for grown ups at Julia's Place. Go and see all the entries and join in.


Craig said...

Emma, I think we come from slightly different Christian perspectives. I lean a little conservative. But to love one another is THE thing, after loving God. And I have a cat who blogs from time to time as well – although not quite so poetic – and after having discussed this with Laska the love kitty – it seems we agree that people can be a lot like cats. Your poem was clever, charming, and comes complete with a moral. Thank you. By the way, I'm here from twitter because I follow you and I saw your tweet. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours,Emma.

Emma Major said...

Great to see you here Craig, loving the fact that a cat brought you out

Sally-Jayne said...

Ha ha! You can always trust a cat to get away with it! Love the smug character of this one.

itsjennythewren said...

nice take of the prompt- poor cat and brill way of writing it into a poem x