Sunday, 1 July 2012

Creativity or Chaos?

"Our lounge floor is a mess" that's what Mike said yesterday (not that he cared to tidy up).

I had to contradict him; "it's not mess, it's a sign that Rachel's been having fun".

I don't normally like too much mess, especially if it's Lego that I'm going to tread on and cause myself great pain. But sometimes the 'remnants' of play aren't remnants, they are creativity and they just can't be cleared up.

This "mess" was all on Rachel's head yesterday morning. Oh yes, every hair band she owns became a head-dress. It was magical, but it fell off before u could get a photo. I'm hoping she tries again tomorrow.


Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum said...

I look at my floor every morning after being down stairs for less than an hour - and think Creative... it can be cleared away at the end of the day and it shows the thinking that the children go through during the day.

Emma Major said...

Have you ever photographed the play through the day; I did it once and it's amazing to look at now