Monday, 9 July 2012

Mission Trip to Jubilee Centre in Ndola - meet the team

I thought you might like to meet the team of people I'm travelling on this trip with. There are 10 of us in all and we cover so many spectrums.

We'll start with Neil; not so new vicar Neil. He has been to Ndola many times and it is his ministry at St Nicolas which has brought about the opportunities to link with the Jubilee Centre.

Then there's Helen. She's a GP, a mum and one of the youth work team. She has been to Ndola once before but never with her husband, the afore mentioned Neil.

Libby is our newly ordained curate; a friend and one of the most positive people I've ever met. She's the calm rock of us all and she'll be visiting people being cared for in their homes as well as speaking to a women's group.

John is an ex-airforceman; a good bloke to have around in a crisis and also a church warden. He's funny and relaxed and he's doing some workshops of mentoring for the church leaders.

Chris is a nurse, a very experienced nurse who will be visiting people, seeing what health care is like and bringing her healing touch. She's also John's wife.

Margaret is another nurse, a pedestrian specialist although apparently retired (she'll never actually stop). She's chatty and enthusiastic and this is all new to her.

Lynette is a teaching assistant, in fact she's Rachel's TA. She's quietly confident and this is a huge new experience for her. We are going to see the school and plan to spend lots of time with kids.

Nico is a musician and a student of music; he's come with his saxophone and a smile that beams. He's one of the most nature 19 year olds I know.

And Becky is another; super smart, super ambitious; a student of medicine and amazingly spiritual. She's my surrogate daughter for this trip which suits us both.

And then there's me. You know me.

That's us; 10 of us spanning 40 years and with a huge range of experience and life to bring.

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