Saturday, 2 February 2013

Squirrel cinquain

Patiently waits
Spies a nut and pounces
Takes it high, breaks it open and
Eats it

Following you
It knows what you have got
What's in your pocket hid away
Wants it

Hiding in tree
Waiting for someone to
Let their secret stash of nuts free

Happy to pose
But only on their right
Take their photograph, just say nuts

Following you
Waiting for someone to
Take their photograph, just say nuts


Linked up at real toads where we were challenged to write a cinquain - another oriental style of poetry with the syllabic count 2-4-6-8-2.  I've taken it the further step to become a GARLAND cinquain: a sequence of six cinquains in which the final cinquain is composed of lines from the preceding five (generally L1 from S1, L2 from S2, L3 from S3, etc...) 


Marian said...

oh! so fun, i love this! though i think the syllable count for "squirrel" depends on where you live :)
i'm impressed that you took on the garland cinquain. i bet you're one of those people who likes to write things like villanelles and sestinas. (i'm not one of those people, heh.)

Chhavi Vatwani said...

Eeee it is so cute! I'm glad you had great time taking squirrel pictures! :D

Susan said...

Clever! SO smooth that I nearly missed it was a garland.

Poet Laundry said...

Nicely done Emma! Really flows well and fun to read too :-)

aprille said...

Your metre is superb, especially in the first fiver.

Lolamouse said...

These capture the spirit of mischievous squirrels so well! Great job!

Kateri said...

Okay, I want that vine tangled stump! Impressed by the flow of this.

Helen said...

I had a difficult with ONE cinquain ... you did this and made it seem effortless.

kkkkaty said...

..felt like I was following him everywhere..nicely done ;)

Emma Major said...

that sounds like some new forms for me to try, I love order and rhythm, I'm off to try some

Emma Major said...

it was a lot of fun, I've never seen so many squirrels and all so tame

Emma Major said...

thanks Susan

Emma Major said...

thanks, it was a lot of fun to write

Emma Major said...

thanks, I love the first stanza as well and was tempted to leave it there but had too much else to say :)

Emma Major said...


Emma Major said...

me too, isn't it amazing, it was huge as well, about 10 foot tall

Emma Major said...

squirrels are easy to write about :)

Emma Major said...

funny, I thought he was following me :)

Laura said...

squirrels... such posers:-)

Ella said...

YOU are clever! This was fun to read~
Great form

Susie Clevenger said...

Love the vined stump..It has a poem written all over it. You cinquain is delightfully clever and to take on the longer form...bravo!

Loredana Donovan said...

Oh squirrels are so cute. Love the photos and garland cinquain. Fun!

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Someone mentioned the syllable count of "squirrel," and I got that... one of the things I HATE about forms. Me, I'm a "Squirl" person.

Having disparaged the form, I did attempt it. But you know what I thought of when the squirrel was trying to get at your pockets? Gollum in Lord of the Rings, "It's the precious... and we wants it!" Wow, a fuse blew in my brain, huh? Thanks, this was great.