Sunday, 12 February 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #30

The prompt for the 100 word challenge this week is …it wasn’t my fault…

It was quiet in the house, too quiet; something was wrong.

"Mum, are you there?"

I knew there was trouble. I wanted to leave but that wasn't going to help; and there was a chance it wouldn't be too bad.  

But it was, she'd found them.  All the sweet papers I hid after binges. 

"What do you think this is?"
" It's not my fault....." was all I could say. I couldn't explain the need to eat, the joy of control or how great it felt.  

Perhaps I should have said "help"; but they didn't understand, what was the point?


Michelle Twin Mum said...

Gosh that clutches at me and makes me cry. So poignant and so true. I totally relate.

Mich x

GoofyJ said...

very sad and poignant - we really feel the desperation. Well written.

Lorely said...

So sad when people feel that this is 'control'. And so sad when they feel no one is listening. Well caught.

Lisa Wields Words said...

This speaks so close to home. Sad and brilliant.

Anna said...

This one is very powerful and I'm sure there are many who will relate to it.
Glossy mags and celebs have a LOT to answer for IMO