Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How I get to my happy place

Family time, away from the stresses of normal life

Family time is my number one way to increase my happiness.  Just being together, not doing the chores, is an absolute pleasure and completely what life's all about.  It can be as simple as just chilling at home, or away on holiday, it really doesn't matter; for me it's just about being "just us".

Prayer, specifically meditation

When people ask me how life is different as a christian I have just one thing to say, it's just amazing being loved and in love with God.  It's a happiness like nothing you can explain.  And it's at it's best when I manage to find quiet, focussed time to pray quietly and deeply, meditatively.  Time slows down and joy overflows, it's like nothing on earth and I love these moments.

Time at The Sea Shore in Barton on Sea

One of the best decisions we ever made was to buy the flat by the sea.  It is great for our health and well being, a total bolt hole away.  We often go down just for one night and yet it always feels like we've got away from the world for a week.  We love the fresh air and the freedom and the complete lack of pressure.  It's that mix of family time and prayer all in one.

Music, singing it and listening to it
I love music, listening to it and mostly singing it - I find it almost impossible not to sing along to music, whatever it's era or style.  Take Abba singing Mamma Mia, I challenge you to watch this and not sing AT ALL.  Can you do it? 

And now you've heard it, how do you feel?  I have just gone up 10 points on my happiness scale.

I love to laugh, who doesn't?  Although maybe not like this

It lifts the soul, released endorphins and just breed happiness.  I especially love to laugh with others whether out with friends or out at live comedy.

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