Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pinterest gives me "love" ideas

I am a pinterest addict.  I just love the way I can now keep all the great and beautiful ideas, projects and words I find online in one useful place.  If you don't know what I'm talking about and work with kids, young people and families then please go to pinterest and join in, or email me and I'll invite you.  This is how my front page on pinterest looks at the moment, pin boards for lots of the different work I do.

Our next People, Prayers and Potatoes Messy Church session is on Sunday 19th February 2012 and I'm bringing everything together around the theme of LOVE
God Loves Us.
God wants us to love each other.
God tells us to Love Thy Neighbour.
God tasks us with Loving our Environment.

As you'll see in the screenshot above there is a pinboard on Love and these are some of the highlights I've found that I will be using for the session in 2 weeks time, with my own adaptations no doubt.

God loves us individually as we are - as individual as fingerprints

God asks us to love thy neighour - here we demonstrate our love as a whole

God loves how we love each other - families of love

God tasks us to love the environment - plants

God tasks us to love the environment - animals

love is fun, let's enjoy it

love is sweet as candy

Love is in the midst of everything

God loves us THIS MUCH

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