Sunday, 5 February 2012

Super Bowl 2012

Tonight is the Super Bowl, the biggest single sporting event of the year with 150million people watching just in the USA.  That's a lot of American Football fans.

The game is between the NY Giants, from New York of course; and the New England Patriots, not from England but from Boston.  Is that a local derby?  There'll be over 40 players at the game and the cheerleaders who were missing last year will be back, Pom Poms and all.

You can tell this is a massive event because Madonna is the half time entertainment, now that's nothing to sneeze at.  In fact it's such a big thing that it's called the Half Time Show.

Lots of my American friends seem to be hosting or attending Super Bowl parties and I have a few friends here who will be staying up late to watch it.   I have to admit to never having watched a single game of American Football , the helmets always make me worry about the risk of injury.

Almost as important as the game is the food; this is America after all.  There'll be hot wings, dips, chips, guacamole, shrimps, nachos, burgers, corn dogs with cookies, brownies and ice cream to finish.  Mouth watering?

So far of course this is just a load of facts, so what?

I found all these facts because a search I was doing on "super prayers" came back with several hundred results about prayers for the Super Bowl.  It seems that prayers have a central place when it comes to sport in the USA; for safety, touchdowns and wins.  With somewhere around 150 million prayers banding about tonight it'll be a big night for faith.  Something to celebrate.

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