Friday, 3 February 2012

Women Bishops

by the fabulous Dave Walker
Here's something I haven't bothered to blog about before.
Not because I don't have an opinion.
Or because it's not important.
But mainly because it is just too obvious almost to blog about.

And that's not because I'm a woman.
Or because I'm called to ministry in the Church of England
But because it just seems too impossible that women bishops won't arrive.

But, given that this week The Church of England General Synod meets to make a final decision, taking into account the Dicesan Synods' views, I think it's time to blog.

You'll be surprised and shocked to hear that I think it's about time that Women Bishops are approved in the Church of England.  It seems crazy to me that it hasn't happened yet, mainly because there are so many fantastic women who are called by God and would be brilliant Bishops. In fact I can think of at least four women priests who I can imagine as bishops and whom I know would be amazing.

But you might be surprised and shocked to hear that if for some reason the vote at general synod goes wrong then I won't be angry or upset; just extremely disappointed.  I find it hard to figure out why it is that I don't expect to feel anger; it doesn't sit well with my normal opinionated personality.  But that's how it is.

I guess the fact that I know in time things will change and that this is an unstoppable force.  Also I have to admit I just can't see how it can not be agreed to, so perhaps I will actually self-combust if it's not approved.

I can't wait to see women bishops but I also don't really see that having a woman bishop would make any difference in my life and ministry.  All the bishops that I've encountered have been positive about me, my ministry and all women (and men) within the church.  The church is one of the least masculine places I've ever worked.  There are women throughout the church, in positions of responsibility and ministry at local, regional and national levels.  OK, I do come from the construction industry so have a fairly skewed view of the world, but even so I think the CofE does great by all people of all genders.

So there's me, my views and my hopes.
I hope to celebrate good news soon; and I trust it entirely to God's hands.
Let's now just hope that General Synod will be listening entirely to God's will.


Anne said...

I will be upset if it doesn't come about (and by the way, the final vote comes in July I believe - but if General Synod asks the House of Bishops to amend the legislation significantly this week, the whole process might have to start afresh - referral to the dioceses etc!)
I will be upset because I think it will be really bad publicity for the Church of England, and more and more young women will conclude the C of E really doesn't care about them. There is research to show this is already happening.

Woodland Window Watcher said...

I find it inconceivable that the vote will go against women bishops - but I won't believe it will go through until it does. I put my faith in God that it'll be a positive vote for women Bishops, but sadly I do not have any faith in Man (or should that be men...?).