Friday, 3 February 2012

God is online

God seems to want me to expand my online network at the moment, every day I accidentally (God-incidentally) stumble across another community of Christians and specifically women who want to share their faith and lives together.

I appreciate and know the value of online networks; whilst living through infertility and miscarriage I met an amazing group of women that I classify as sisters more than friends. A good number of us have met over the years and it's always amazing to touch those I know so well from afar. God pointed me to these women, of this I have no doubt; and without them my ability to cope through hard years would have been very different.

I trust God to lead me where He needs me to go, possibly for myself or maybe for others, who knows. This means that over the last week I've found and joined a number of groups including:

Sophia Network
Children Matter
Sisters in Bloom

I wonder what these new communities will bring over the coming months?
Watch this space.

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